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Meet Our Team

We like a flat, non-hierarchical, open working environment where everyone’s opinions are valued and welcomed.  Drop in to IceLab to chat over fika any time!

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Åke Brännström
Åke BrännströmProfessor
Exploring eco-evolutionary processes with mathematics.
Mehdi Cherif
Mehdi CherifSenior Lecturer
Ecosystem and Community Ecology.
Sebastian Diehl
Sebastian DiehlProfessor of Ecology
Ecological Dynamics. Takes pleasure in finding things out about the real world and the models we make of it.
Eric Libby
Eric LibbySenior Lecturer
Major transitions in evolution.
Keen on charismatic microfauna.
Ludvig Lizana
Ludvig LizanaSenior Lecturer
Deciphering the life of a cell with physics. Loves crafting new ideas.
Martin Rosvall
Martin RosvallSenior Lecturer
Network Science.
Cries over melting snow.
Xavier Thibert-Plante
Xavier Thibert-PlanteSenior Lecturer
Biological Nonlinear Phenomena.
Joaquin Calatayud
Joaquin CalatayudPostdoctoral Fellow
Biota detection in networks.
Magnus Neuman
Magnus NeumanPostdoctoral Fellow
Network theory applied to epidemiology and ecology.
Alexis Rojas-Briceno
Alexis Rojas-BricenoPostdoctoral Fellow
Understanding the biosedimentary record using networks
Wojciech Uszko
Wojciech UszkoPostdoctoral Fellow
Consumer Resource Interactions
Francisco Vasconcelos
Francisco VasconcelosPostdoctoral Fellow
Aquatic ecosystem dynamics.
Enjoys a life mixed with games, nature, music and science.
Matilda Rentoft
Matilda RentoftSenior Research Engineer
Plant stress tolerance. Believes color in your life helps keep you happy.
Gabrielle Beans
Gabrielle BeansResearch Engineer
Likes the fuzzy edges of science.
Christopher Blöcker
Christopher BlöckerPhD Student
Network Science and Autonomous Systems.
Into Haskell and Dancing.
Ludvig Bohlin
Ludvig BohlinPhD Student
Network flows and dynamics.
Believes you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.
Daniel Edler
Daniel Edler PhD Student
Network science and visualizations. Believes a user interface is like a joke. If you have to explain it, it’s not that good.
Anton Eriksson
Anton ErikssonMaster's Student
Peter Fransson
Peter FranssonPostgraduate Student
Markus Nyberg
Markus NybergPhD Student
Stochastic Processes
Doesn’t say no to a cold drink and good sports.
Jonas Wickman
Jonas WickmanPhD Student
Spatial evolutionary modeling.
Likes to listen to jazz fusion while working.
Samuel Brändström
Samuel BrändströmMaster's Student
Computational Physics. Likes ice cold climates, it keeps the dengue mosquitoes away.
Nikanor Öhman
Nikanor ÖhmanMaster's Student
Computational Physics. I like my steak the same as my correctly simulated trees, rare…
Alexander Ramström
Alexander RamströmMaster's Student

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  • Lai Zhang

Master’s Students

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