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Schaub, Michael T; Delvenne, Jean-Charles; Rosvall, Martin; Lambiotte, Renaud

The many facets of community detection in complex networks Journal Article

Applied Network Science, 2 (1), 2017.

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Vasilyev, Oleg A; Lizana, Ludvig; Oshanin, Gleb

Smoluchowski rate for diffusion-controlled reactions of molecules with antenna Journal Article

Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical, 50 (26), pp. 264004, 2017.

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Kumar, Rajendra; Sobhy, Haitham; Stenberg, Per; Lizana, Ludvig

Genome contact map explorer: a platform for the comparison, interactive visualization and analysis of genome contact maps Journal Article

Nucleic acids research, 45 (17), pp. e152–e152, 2017.

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Calatayud, Joaquín; Madrigal-González, Jaime; Gianoli, Ernesto; Hortal, Joaquín; Herrero, Asier

Uneven abundances determine nestedness in climbing plant-host interaction networks Journal Article

Perspectives in Plant Ecology, Evolution and Systematics, 26 , pp. 53–59, 2017.

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Calatayud, Joaquín; Rodríguez, Miguel A; Molina-Venegas, Rafael; Leo, Maria; Hortal, Joaquin

Pleistocene climate change and the formation of regional species pools Journal Article

bioRxiv, pp. 149617, 2017.

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Low, Yee Syuen; Blöcker, Christopher; McPherson, John R; Tang, See Aik; Cheng, Ying Ying; Wong, Joyner Y S; Chua, Clarinda; Lim, Tony K H; Tang, Leong; Chew, Min Hoe; Tan, Patrick; Tan, Iain B; Rozen, Steven G; Cheah, Peh Yean

A formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE)-based prognostic signature to predict metastasis in clinically low risk stage I/II microsatellite stable colorectal cancer Journal Article

Cancer Letters, 403 , pp. 13–20, 2017.

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Wickman, Jonas; Diehl, Sebastian; Blasius, Bernd; Klausmeier, Christopher A; Ryabov, Alexey B; Brännström, Åke

Determining Selection across Heterogeneous Landscapes: A Perturbation-Based Method and Its Application to Modeling Evolution in Space Journal Article

The American Naturalist, 189 (4), pp. 381-395, 2017.

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Lundström, Niklas LP; Zhang, Hong; Brännström, Åke

Pareto-efficient biological pest control enable high efficacy at small costs Journal Article

Ecological Modelling, 364 , pp. 89–97, 2017.

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Falster, Daniel S; Brännström, Åke; Westoby, Mark; Dieckmann, Ulf

Multitrait successional forest dynamics enable diverse competitive coexistence Journal Article

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 114 (13), pp. E2719–E2728, 2017.

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Tavera-Mendoza, Luz E; Westerling, Thomas; Libby, Eric; Marusyk, Andriy; Cato, Laura; Cassani, Raymundo; Cameron, Lisa A; Ficarro, Scott B; Marto, Jarrod A; Klawitter, Jelena; others,

Vitamin D receptor regulates autophagy in the normal mammary gland and in luminal breast cancer cells Journal Article

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, pp. 201615015, 2017.

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Kempes, Christopher P; van Bodegom, Peter M; Wolpert, David; Libby, Eric; Amend, Jan; Hoehler, Tori

Drivers of bacterial maintenance and minimal energy requirements Journal Article

Frontiers in microbiology, 8 , pp. 31, 2017.

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Ratcliff, William C; Herron, Matthew; Conlin, Peter L; Libby, Eric

Nascent life cycles and the emergence of higher-level individuality Journal Article

Phil. Trans. R. Soc. B, 372 (1735), pp. 20160420, 2017.

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Kallus, Yoav; Miller, John H; Libby, Eric

Paradoxes in leaky microbial trade Journal Article

Nature Communications, 8 (1), pp. 1361, 2017.

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Wolpert, David; Libby, Eric; Grochow, Joshua A; DeDeo, Simon

10 The Many Faces of State Space Compression Journal Article

From Matter to Life: Information and Causality, pp. 199, 2017.

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Hébert-Dufresne, Laurent; Allard, Antoine; "e, Pierre-André No; Young, Jean-Gabriel; Libby, Eric

Strategic tradeoffs in competitor dynamics on adaptive networks Journal Article

Scientific reports, 7 (1), pp. 7576, 2017.

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Dankulov, Marija Mitrović; Jelena, Smiljanić

The Structure and Dynamics of Meetup Social Networks Incollection

Scientific Computing, pp. 33–61, Nova Science Publishers, New York, 2017.



Jelena, Smiljanić; Dankulov, Marija Mitrović

Associative nature of event participation dynamics: A network theory approach Journal Article

PLoS ONE, 12 (2), pp. e0171565, 2017.

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Bóta, A; Gardner, L; Khani, A

Modeling the spread of infection in public transit networks: A decision-support tool for outbreak planning and control Inproceedings

Transportation Research Board 96th Annual Meeting, 2017.



Rojas, Alexis; Portell, Roger W; Kowalewski, Michał

The post-Palaeozoic fossil record of drilling predation on lingulide brachiopods Journal Article

Lethaia, 50 (2), pp. 296–305, 2017, ISSN: 00241164.

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Rojas, Alexis; Patarroyo, Pedro; Mao, Liang; Bengtson, Peter; Kowalewski, Micha?

Global biogeography of Albian ammonoids: A network-based approach Journal Article

Geology, 45 (7), pp. 659–662, 2017, ISSN: 0091-7613, 1943-2682.

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