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Lunch Pitch with Jing Helmersson and Raoul Theler

To encourage cross pollination of ideas between researchers from different disciplines, IceLab hosts interdisciplinary research lunches with the vision of allowing ideas to meet and mate. During the Lunch Pitch Season, the creative lunches take place at KBC every other Tuesday.

Place: KBCon Lilla Fokusrum  (KBC Focus Environment’s glass room), KBC
Time: Tuesday 19 March at 12:00.

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First Pitcher:

Jing Helmersson

Senior research assistant at the Department of Epidemiology and Global Health, Umea University

Title: Counting the uncountable – A system dynamics modelling approach to the generalization of qualitative study findings and the integration of mixed methods.


More and more qualitative studies are being conducted in public health and social science to complement quantitative studies and to obtain in-depth knowledge about people’s experience and attitudes. However, quantitative studies still dominate as a basis for decision-making, partly because it is unclear how to generalize qualitative research results and project them into the future to support decision making. Here we show that system dynamics modelling (SDM) may be the approach to doing this. Using life satisfaction as an example, we started from qualitative study findings to build a system dynamics model that generated quantitative output. Through model validation of quantitative data, the qualitative research result was generalized and integrated coherently with those quantitative studies. In this example, the results show that domain achievement and life satisfaction enforce each other through a feedback loop. To promoting life satisfaction, it may be more effective to reduce expectation than to increase achievements.

About the pitcher:

Jing’s expertise is in mathematical modelling and system dynamic modelling. She was a professor in physics at California State University, USA (1992-2006) with a PhD in physics 1989 from Univ. of Michigan. She turned to public health research in Sweden 2010 and has finished her 2nd PhD in 2018 (mathematical modelling of dengue fever and dengue vector). Her current research interests include positive health, well-being and successful living from a holistic view of body, mind and spirit.


Second Pitcher:

Raoul Theler

visiting researcher at Umeå School of Business, Economics and Statistics (USBE)

Title: More information coming

Abstract: More information coming


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