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Event Experiments

Here in IceLab we love creating opportunities for minds to meet and mesh.  We want open ideas and methods to transcend traditional disciplines and find new paths together through our event experiments.  We are looking for you to bring your brain to bear on these!  Current event types include IceLab lunch pitches, hive talks, data and tech talks, book club, friday fika and regular seminars.

Lunch Pitches: For the Love of New Ideas

Lunch Pitches help you bridge gaps between scientific disciplines and encourage new collaborative efforts. Think of the pitches as an idea collider. You’ve been working on a project just recently, or it’s something you’ve had on the back burner but haven’t been able to get off the ground.  Take the essence of your work, slim it down to its core question and present that to a diverse, interested interdisciplinary gathering all happily munching on free sandwiches. You take 5 minutes presenting and then the rest of the lunch hour letting the ideas flow in between you and the audience in small group discussions.  The most important thing is to reach a broad audience with a question, challenge, or method that will engage as many as possible. The Pitches were inspired by the NABC method to communicate ideas out of the Stanford Research Institute.

Watch past pitches here.

Pitch Season: November  – April usually. Free sandwiches for those that register.

Upcoming Pitch Dates: Lunch pitches are on hold for 2020.

Location: KBC Glasburen usually.

For more information: gabrielle.beans@umu.se

Lunch Pitches

Datasets and Tech

Do you know of an interesting dataset (maybe yours, maybe open data) that is ripe for some research? In this activity, a presenter introduces a dataset they find interesting and opens up a discussion to brainstorm research ideas.

  • Any data – As long as it’s data, we want to hear about it. All data are welcome!

  • Where – So far dataset and tech talks have happened at IceLab.

  • When – So far dataset and tech talks have happened spontaneously, when a person has some data to discuss.  However, we will be planning ahead and advertising these in the future so stay tuned!

  • Who – Anyone! We want you and your colleagues to use IceLab’s dataset and tech series to showcase and brainstorm about some data together.

Drop by or propose a session!

Hive Talks

A Hive Talk gives you the chance to sketch out an unfinished but developed idea. It should not be finished work. It should not be something you have never thought about. It needs to be somewhere in the middle where you have thought about it but not yet fully worked on.   Think part hobby, part thesis. The idea should be something that you would be interested in exploring scientifically and possibly publishing. Thus, it should not be so “out there” that it cannot be publishable science but it should also not be so integrated in your everyday work that you are the only one who can work on it.  A very informal environment contributes to an open, easy chat about research directions with IceLabbers and visitors.

Hive Talk Season: Starting November 15th 2018 through February 28 2019 at 2:15pm.

Season Hive Talk Schedule

Hive Talk 2018-2019 Schedule

Location: IceLab Living Room

Hive Talks

Book Club

At the IceLab we give ourselves the space and time to consider and read about topics apparently unrelated to whatever research we are doing. We’ve read about productivity, taking rejection, communicating science, creating great presentations, and we’re open to suggestions! The Book Club meets once a week over lunch to chat about a chapter or two.

Past Books Include:

  • What’s your message – Cam Barber

  • Ignorance – Stuart Firestein

  • Radical Focus – Christina Wodtke

  • Escape from the Ivory Tower: A Guide to Making Your Science Matter – Nancy Baron

  • Smarter Faster Better: The Secrets of Being Productive in Life and Business –Charles Duhigg

  • slide:ology: The Art and Science of Creating Great Presentations – Nancy Duarte

  • Made to stick – Chip Heath, Dan Heath

  • Craft of Research – W. Booth, G. G. Colomb, J. M. Williams

If you’d like to join the book club or suggest a title, get in touch! Matilda Rentoft is our current book club coordinator.

Friday Fika

Unrestricted and fun! Each Friday we gather around and someone presents an interesting bit of research, a book, a TED talk, or even an ice-climbing adventure report to the rest of the IceLab, while enjoying a fika.

  • Anything goes – literally anything that the person organizing the fika wants to talk about is fair game.

  • Where – in the IceLab open meeting area

  • When – every Friday at 2:30pm

  • You’re welcome to join – come and enjoy fika with us!

Upcoming Events

IceLab Collaborative Event Experiments

IceLab is here to help other scientists reach across disciplines to find new ideas and collaborations.  We experiment wildly with different event formats to help make this happen.

Radical Focus

Radical Focus: Achieving Your Most Important Goals with Objective and Key Results Author: Christina R. Wodtke This book shows a method for how you can organise your work and focus you [...]

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