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Bodin, Mats; Brännström, Åke; Dieckmann, U

A systematic overview of harvesting-induced maturation evolution in predator--prey systems with three different life-history tradeoffs Journal Article

Bulletin of mathematical biology, 74 (12), pp. 2842–2860, 2012.

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Brannstrom, Ake; Johansson, Jacob; Loeuille, Nicolas; Kristensen, Nadiah; Troost, Tineke; HilleRisLambers, Reinier; Dieckmann, Ulf

Modeling the ecology and evolution of communities: a review of past achievements, current efforts, and future promises Journal Article


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Schemm-Gregory, Mena; Rojas-Briceño, Alexis; Patarroyo, Pedro; Jaramillo, Carlos

First report of Hadrosia Cooper, 1983 in South America and its biostratigraphical and palaeobiogeographical implications Journal Article

Cretaceous Research, 34 , pp. 257–267, 2012, ISSN: 01956671.

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Wollrab, Sabine; Diehl, Sebastian; Roos, André M

Simple rules describe bottom-up and top-down control in food webs with alternative energy pathways Journal Article

Ecology letters, 15 (9), pp. 935–946, 2012.

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Behl, Stephan; Schryver, Vera; Diehl, Sebastian; Stibor, Herwig

Trophic transfer of biodiversity effects: functional equivalence of prey diversity and enrichment? Journal Article

Ecology and evolution, 2 (12), pp. 3110–3122, 2012.

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Rentoft, Matilda; Coates, Philip John; Laurell, Göran; Nylander, Karin

Transcriptional Profiling of Formalin Fixed Paraffin Embedded Tissue: Pitfalls and Recommendations for Identifying Biologically Relevant Changes Journal Article

PLoS ONE, 7 (4), 2012.

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Neuman, Magnus; Coppel, Ludovic G; Edström, Per

A partial explanation of the dependence between light scattering and light absorption in the Kubelka-Munk model Journal Article

Nord. Pulp Pap. Res. J., 27 , pp. 426-430, 2012.

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Neuman, Magnus; Coppel, Ludovic G; Andersson, Mattias; Edström, Per

Fluorescence model for multi-layer papers using conventional spectrophotometers Journal Article

Nord. Pulp Pap. Res. J., 27 , pp. 418-425, 2012.

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Esquivel, Alcides Viamontes; Rosvall, Martin

Compression of Flow Can Reveal Overlapping-Module Organization in Networks Journal Article

Physical Review X, 1 (2), 2011.

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Mirshahvalad, Atieh; Rosvall, Martin

Reinforced communication and social navigation: Remember your friends and remember yourself Journal Article

Physical Review E, 84 (3), 2011.

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Rosvall, Martin; Bergstrom, Carl T

Multilevel Compression of Random Walks on Networks Reveals Hierarchical Organization in Large Integrated Systems Journal Article

PLoS ONE, 6 (4), pp. e18209, 2011.

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Bergstrom, Carl T; Rosvall, Martin

Response to commentaries on The Transmission Sense of Information Journal Article

Biology & Philosophy, 26 (2), pp. 195–200, 2011.

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Neuman, Magnus; Coppel, Ludovic G; Edström, Per

Angle resolved color of bulk scattering media Journal Article

Appl. Opt., 50 , pp. 6555-6563, 2011.

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Coppel, Ludovic G; Neuman, Magnus; Edström, Per

Lateral light scattering in paper - MTF simulation and measurement Journal Article

Opt. Express, 19 , pp. 25181-25187, 2011.

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Neuman, Magnus; Coppel, Ludovic G; Edström, Per

Point spreading in turbid media with anisotropic single scattering Journal Article

Opt. Express, 19 , pp. 1915-1920, 2011.

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Lomholt, Michael A; Lizana, Ludvig; Ambjörnsson, Tobias

Dissimilar bouncy walkers Journal Article

The Journal of chemical physics, 134 (4), pp. 01B625, 2011.

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Lizana, Ludvig; Mitarai, Namiko; Sneppen, Kim; Nakanishi, Hiizu

Modeling the spatial dynamics of culture spreading in the presence of cultural strongholds Journal Article

Physical Review E, 83 (6), pp. 066116, 2011.

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Bernhardsson, Sebastian; Gerlee, Philip; Lizana, Ludvig

Structural correlations in bacterial metabolic networks Journal Article

BMC evolutionary biology, 11 (1), pp. 20, 2011.

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Thorslund, Sara E; Edgren, Tomas; Pettersson, Jonas; Nordfelth, Roland; Sellin, Mikael E; Ivanova, Ekaterina; Francis, Matthew S; Isaksson, Elin L; Wolf-Watz, Hans; Fällman, Maria

The RACK1 signaling scaffold protein selectively interacts with Yersinia pseudotuberculosis virulence function Journal Article

PloS one, 6 (2), pp. e16784, 2011.

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Poos, JJ; Brännström, Åke; Dieckmann, U

Harvest-induced maturation evolution under different life-history trade-offs and harvesting regimes Journal Article

Journal of Theoretical Biology, 2011.

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