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Persson, Cathrine; Carballeira, Nivia; Wolf-Watz, Hans; Fällman, Maria

The PTPase YopH inhibits uptake of Yersinia, tyrosine phosphorylation of p130Cas and FAK, and the associated accumulation of these proteins in peripheral focal adhesions Journal Article

The EMBO journal, 16 (9), pp. 2307–2318, 1997.

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Holmström, Anna; Pettersson, Jonas; Rosqvist, Roland; Håkansson, Sebastian; Tafazoli, Farideh; Fällman, Maria; Magnusson, Karl-Eric; Wolf-Watz, Hans; Forsberg, Åke

YopK of Yersinia pseudotuberculosis controls translocation of Yop effectors across the eukaryotic cell membrane Journal Article

Molecular microbiology, 24 (1), pp. 73–91, 1997.

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Andersson, Kerstin; Carballeira, Nivia; Magnusson, Karl-Eric; Persson, Cathrine; Stendahl, Olle; Wolf-Watz, Hans; Fällman, Maria

YopH of Yersinia pseudotuberculosis interrupts early phosphotyrosine signalling associated with phagocytosis Journal Article

Molecular microbiology, 20 (5), pp. 1057–1069, 1996.

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Fällman, MARIA; Andersson, Kerstin; Håkansson, SEBASTIAN; Magnusson, Karl-Eric; Stendahl, Olle; Wolf-Watz, Hans

Yersinia pseudotuberculosis inhibits Fc receptor-mediated phagocytosis in J774 cells. Journal Article

Infection and immunity, 63 (8), pp. 3117–3124, 1995.

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Särndahl, Eva; Lindroth, Margaretha; Bengtsson, Torbjörn; Fällman, Maria; Gustavsson, Johanna; Stendahl, Olle; Andersson, Tommy

Association of ligand-receptor complexes with actin filaments in human neutrophils: a possible regulatory role for a G-protein. Journal Article

The Journal of cell biology, 109 (6), pp. 2791–2799, 1989.

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Pinto-Irish, Katherine; de la Peña, Teodoro Coba; Ostria-Gallardo, Enrique; Ibáñez, Cristian; Briones, Vilbett; Vergara, Alexander; Alvarez, Rodrigo; Castro, Catalina; Carolina Sanhueza, Patricio Castro A; Bascuñán-Godoy., Luisa

Seed characterization and early nitrogen metabolism performance of seedlings from Altiplano and coastal ecotypes of Quinoa. Journal Article

BMC Plant Biology, 20 , pp. 343, 0000.

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Liess, Antonia; Faithfull, Carolyn; Reichstein, Birte; Rowe, Owen; Guo, Junwen; Pete, R; Thomsson, Gustaf; Uszko, Wojciech; Francoeur, SN

Terrestrial runoff may reduce microbenthic net community productivity by increasing turbidity: a Mediterranean coastal lagoon mesocosm experiment Journal Article

Hydrobiologia, 753 (1), pp. 205–218, 0000.

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GLIWICZ, ZMACIEJ; Maszczyk, Piotr; Uszko, Wojciech

Enhanced growth at low population density in Daphnia: the absence of crowding effects or relief from visual predation? Journal Article

Freshwater Biology, 57 (6), pp. 1166–1179, 0000.

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Cherif, Mehdi; Faithfull, Carolyn; Guo, Junwen; Meunier, Cédric L; Sitters, Judith; Uszko, Wojciech; Vasconcelos, Francisco Rivera

An operational framework for the advancement of a molecule-to-biosphere stoichiometry theory Journal Article

Frontiers in Marine Science, 4 , pp. 286, 0000.

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Fernández, Michael; Caballero, Julio; Fernández, Leyden; Sánchez, Pedro

Modeling Protein Conformational Stability Using Amino Acid Sequence Autocorrelation Vectors and RBF Neural Networks Journal Article


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Fernández, Michael; Caballero, Julio; Fernández, Leyden; Abreu, José Ignacio

Amino Acid Sequence Autocorrelation vectors and ensembles of Bayesian-Regularized Genetic Neural Networks for prediction of conformational stability of protein mutants Journal Article


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Arumugam, Manimozhiyan; Raes, Jeroen; Pelletier, Eric; Paslier, Denis Le; Yamada, Takuji; Mende, Daniel R; Fernandes, Gabriel R; Tap, Julien; Bruls, Thomas; Batto, Jean-Michel; others,

Source: Nature. Journal Article


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Wolpert, David H; Grochow, Joshua A; Libby, Eric; DeDeo, Simon

Optimal high-level descriptions of dynamical systems Journal Article

arXiv preprint arXiv:1409.7403, 0000.

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Bóta, András; László, Kovács

The community structure of word association graphs Inproceedings

9th International Conference on Applied Informatics, 0000.

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Bóta, András; Krész, Miklós; Pluhár, András

Dynamic communities and their detection Journal Article

Acta Cybernetica, 20 (1), pp. 35–52, 0000.

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Metcalfe, Daniel B; Cherif, Mehdi; Jepsen, Jane U; Vindstad, Ole Petter L; Kristensen, Jeppe Å; Belsing, Ulrika

Ecological stoichiometry and nutrient partitioning in two insect herbivores responsible for large-scale forest disturbance in the Fennoscandian subarctic Journal Article

Ecological Entomology, 0 (0), 0000.

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Libby, Eric; Ratcliff, William C

Shortsighted Evolution Constrains the Efficacy of Long-Term Bet Hedging Journal Article Forthcoming

The American Naturalist, 0 , Forthcoming.

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Jonsson, Viktor; Österlund, Tobias; Nerman, Olle; Kristiansson, Erik

Modelling of zero-inflation improves inference of metagenomic gene count data Journal Article

Statistical Methods in Medical Research, 28 (12), pp. 3712–3728, 0000.

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