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Lind, Peter A; Libby, Eric; Herzog, Jenny; Rainey, Paul B

Predicting mutational routes to new adaptive phenotypes Journal Article

In: eLife, no. 38822, 2019.

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Libby, Eric; Hébert-Dufresne, Laurent; Hosseini, Sayed-Rzgar; Wagner, Andreas

Syntrophy emerges spontaneously in complex metabolic systems Journal Article

In: PLOS Computational Biology, vol. 15, no. 7, pp. 1-17, 2019.

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Libby, Eric; Ratcliff, William C.

Shortsighted Evolution Constrains the Efficacy of Long-Term Bet Hedging Journal Article Forthcoming

In: The American Naturalist, vol. 0, Forthcoming.

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