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Wickman, Jonas; Diehl, Sebastian; Brännström, Åke

Evolution of resource specialisation in competitive metacommunities Journal Article

Ecology Letters, 0 (0), 2019.

Abstract | Links | BibTeX | Tags: Adaptive dynamics, Brännström, coexistence, consumer–resource interactions, Diehl, ESS, spatial models, Wickman

Diehl, Sebastian; Thomsson, Gustaf; Kahlert, Maria; Guo, Junwen; Karlsson, Jan; Liess, Antonia

Inverse relationship of epilithic algae and pelagic phosphorus in unproductive lakes: Roles of N2 fixers and light Journal Article

Freshwater Biology, 2018.

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Vasconcelos, Francisco Rivera; Diehl, Sebastian; Rodríguez, Patricia; Karlsson, Jan; Byström, Pär

Effects of Terrestrial Organic Matter on Aquatic Primary Production as Mediated by Pelagic--Benthic Resource Fluxes Journal Article

Ecosystems, pp. 1–14, 2018.

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Uszko, Wojciech; Diehl, Sebastian; Englund, Göran; Amarasekare, Priyanga

Effects of warming on predator--prey interactions--a resource-based approach and a theoretical synthesis Journal Article

Ecology letters, 20 (4), pp. 513–523, 2017.

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Wickman, Jonas; Diehl, Sebastian; Blasius, Bernd; Klausmeier, Christopher A; Ryabov, Alexey B; Brännström, Åke

Determining Selection across Heterogeneous Landscapes: A Perturbation-Based Method and Its Application to Modeling Evolution in Space Journal Article

The American Naturalist, 189 (4), pp. 381-395, 2017.

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