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Joaquín Calatayud Enrique Andivia, Adrián Escudero Carlos Melián Rubén Bernardo-Madrid Markus Stoffel Cristina Aponte Nagore Medina Rafael Molina-Venegas Xavier Arnan Martin Rosvall Magnus Neuman Jorge Ari Noriega Fernanda Alves-Martins Isabel Draper Arantzazu Luzuriaga Juan Antonio Ballesteros-Cánovas César Morales-Molino Pablo Ferrandis Asier Herrero Luciano Pataro Leandro Juen Alex Cea & Jaime Madrigal-González J G

Positive associations among rare species and their persistence in ecological assemblages Journal Article

Nature Ecology and Evolution, 2019.

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Hajdu, László; Bóta, András; Krész, Miklós; Khani, Alireza; Gardner, Lauren M

Discovering the Hidden Community Structure of Public Transportation Networks Journal Article

Networks and Spatial Economics, 2019, ISSN: 1572-9427.

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Wickman, Jonas; Diehl, Sebastian; Brännström, Åke

Evolution of resource specialisation in competitive metacommunities Journal Article

Ecology Letters, 0 (0), 2019.

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Sang Hoon Lee Yeonghoon Kim, Sungmin Lee Xavier Durang Per Stenberg Jae-Hyung Jeon Ludvig Lizana

Mapping the spectrum of 3D communities in human chromosome conformation capture data Journal Article

Scientific Reports, 9 , 2019.

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Sobhy, Haitham; Kumar, Rajendra; Lewerentz, Jacob; Lizana, Ludvig; Stenberg, Per

Highly interacting regions of the human genome are enriched with enhancers and bound by DNA repair proteins Journal Article

Scientific Reports, 9 , 2019.

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Kumar, Rajendra; Lizana, Ludvig; Stenberg, Per

Genomic 3D compartments emerge from unfolding mitotic chromosomes Journal Article

Chromosoma, 128 , pp. 15-20, 2019, ISSN: 1432-0886.

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Rainey, Peter Lind; Eric Libby; Jenny Herzog; Paul A B

Predicting mutational routes to new adaptive phenotypes Journal Article

eLife, (38822), 2019.

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Libby, Eric; Hébert-Dufresne, Laurent; Hosseini, Sayed-Rzgar; Wagner, Andreas

Syntrophy emerges spontaneously in complex metabolic systems Journal Article

PLOS Computational Biology, 15 (7), pp. 1-17, 2019.

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Rojas A., Sandy Michael R

Early Cretaceous (Valanginian) brachiopods from the Rosablanca Formation, Colombia, South America: Biostratigraphic significance and paleogeographic implications Journal Article Forthcoming

Cretaceous Research, Forthcoming.

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Landi, Pietro; Minoarivelo, Henintsoa O; Brännström, Åke; Hui, Cang; Dieckmann, Ulf

Complexity and stability of ecological networks: a review of the theory Journal Article

Population Ecology, 60 (4), pp. 319–345, 2018, ISSN: 1438-390X.

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Diehl, Sebastian; Thomsson, Gustaf; Kahlert, Maria; Guo, Junwen; Karlsson, Jan; Liess, Antonia

Inverse relationship of epilithic algae and pelagic phosphorus in unproductive lakes: Roles of N2 fixers and light Journal Article

Freshwater Biology, 2018.

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Francisco Rivera Vasconcelos Sebastian Diehl, Patricia Rodríguez Jan Karlsson ; Byström, Pär

Effects of Terrestrial Organic Matter on Aquatic Primary Production as Mediated by Pelagic--Benthic Resource Fluxes Journal Article

Ecosystems, pp. 1–14, 2018.

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Bernardo-Madrid, Rubén; Calatayud, Joaquín; González-Suarez, Manuela; Rosvall, Martin; Lucas, Pablo M; Rueda, Marta; Antonelli, Alexandre; Revilla, Eloy

Human activity is altering the world's zoogeographical regions Journal Article

bioRxiv, pp. 287300, 2018.

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Blöcker, Christopher; Hoffmann, Ulrich

Pardis: A Process Calculus for Parallel and Distributed Programming in Haskell Journal Article

The Journal of Supercomputing, 74 (4), pp. 1473–1484, 2018.

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Lim, Weng Khong; Davila, Sonia; Teo, Jing Xian; Yang, Chengxi; Pua, Chee Jian; Blöcker, Christopher; Lim, Jing Quan; Ching, Jianhong; Yap, Jonathan Jiunn Liang; Tan, Swee Yaw; Sahlén, Anders; Chin, Calvin Woon-Loong; Teh, Bin Tean; Rozen, Steven G; Cook, Stuart Alexander; Yeo, Khung Keong; Tan, Patrick

Beyond fitness tracking: The use of consumer-grade wearable data from normal volunteers in cardiovascular and lipidomics research Journal Article

PLoS Biology, 16 , 2018.

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Brush, Eleanor; Brännström, Åke; Dieckmann, Ulf

Indirect Reciprocity With Negative Assortment and Limited Information Can Promote Cooperation Journal Article

Journal of theoretical biology, 2018.

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Hellström, Lars; Carlsson, Linus; Falster, Daniel S; Westoby, Mark; Brännström, Åke

Branch Thinning and the Large-Scale, Self-Similar Structure of Trees Journal Article

The American Naturalist, 192 (1), pp. E000–E000, 2018.

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Landi, Pietro; Minoarivelo, Henintsoa O; Brännström, Åke; Hui, Cang; Dieckmann, Ulf

Complexity and Stability of Adaptive Ecological Networks: A Survey of the Theory in Community Ecology Incollection

Systems Analysis Approach for Complex Global Challenges, pp. 209–248, Springer, Cham, 2018.

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Libby, Eric; Driscoll, William W; Ratcliff, William C

Programmed cell death can increase the efficacy of microbial bet-hedging Journal Article

Scientific reports, 8 (1), pp. 1120, 2018.

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Lind, Peter A; Libby, Eric; Herzog, Jenny; Rainey, Paul B

Disentangling the effects of genetic architecture, mutational bias and selection on evolutionary forecasting Journal Article

bioRxiv, pp. 335711, 2018.

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