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In vitro and in vivo meet in silico at the Umeälven

Do you think your experimental research would benefit from causal understanding through mathematical modeling?
Would your theoretical work profit from valuable insights through empirical studies? Are you creative and open-minded?
We welcome you to join us in a research camp togehter with about 15 other Master’s, PhD, and Postdoctoral researchers from multiple disciplines primarily in the natural sciences.

To bridge the traditional departmental boundaries of universities and initiate new cross-disciplinary collaborations.

To approach research questions from different scientific directions through cumulative cycles of generation, analysis, rejection, and acceptance of ideas, and, in the collaborative process of repeatedly zooming in on the details and out on the big picture, improve each participant’s ability to express ideas, give and take constructive criticism, and interact with researchers from a wide range of backgrounds.

Granö Beckasin, Umeälven

Participants work in multidisciplinary teams to develop, write, and present a small research project. We use the first day or two to converge on different research questions and the following days to find the best theoretical or experimental framework to answer those questions. On the last day, each team presents its approach. Between sessions of projectwork, we will sandwich in SciFoo2-­‐type opportunities to promote unconventional interaction and collaboration, presentations of several researchers’ biographies to highlight the wide variety of possible scientific careerpaths, and interactive games to break open the boundaries of creativity.

A few senior researchers will work as coaches/mediators to promote interactions and creative thinking.

Students receive 2ECTS credits for completing the camp.

Applicants are young researchers from universities in Sweden or abroad. Together with a CV, applicants should provide a summary of what they hope to gain from this event and how they would contribute to the collaborative outcome.

Registration Form IceLab and KBC cover accommodation, meals, and domestic travel.

Questions may be sent to Martin Rosvall


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