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If you are looking for inspiration, new research ideas, or cross-disciplinary collaboration, you have come to the right place.

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IceLab is an interdisciplinary hub located at Umeå University in northern Sweden.  We are working to break down the traditional boundaries between different scientific disciplines. When researchers with wide-ranging backgrounds, questions and ways of thinking are brought together, they may come up with innovative ideas if conditions are favourable for generating outside-the-box thinking. To create the most favourable conditions, IceLab and its approximately 20 scientists, from fields as diverse as mathematics, physics, ecology, biology and computer science, actively promote various events and activities where researchers from different disciplines meet to identify and discuss connections and synergies between their research projects.

IceLab scientists and collaborators are interested in a multitude of intersecting questions and ideas, linked by mathematical modeling methods.  From community detection in networks to the origins of life and beyond, our research is diverse and ever expanding in breadth.  Get a sense of some of the projects under way in IceLab on our Research page.

Upcoming Events

Collaboration Experiments

We want to infect everyone we meet with the desire to break out of their own research boundaries.  To that end, we continually design and experiment with different types of events to promote collaborative science.


The opportunities to get involved with IceLab are numerous, from attending one of our events to joining the team. Attend an event, present at an event, join our network, pick a Master’s project, apply for a PhD or Postdoctoral Fellowship position – or come up with your own way of getting involved!

The Latest at IceLab

Open and engaging research summaries, commentaries on life in science, and experiments in collaboration are all featured in our posts.

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From student projects to experimental seminar series to fellowships and open calls for collaborative work, IceLab wants you to get involved.

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