Alexander Vergara

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Senior Research Engineer.

Network Biology and plant responses to stress. Loves football, retro video games and enjoys nature.

Alexander was born in Santiago-Chile where he studied Molecular Biotechnology Engineering and received his Ph.D. in Sciences. During this period he worked on co-expression networks and gene function prediction in plants. Since 2015 he has been working at Umeå Plant Sciences Centre (UPSC) where he has been studying plant responses under different abiotic stressors such as cold, drought and high temperature, analyzing the involved regulatory mechanisms using network modeling and tools of comparative genomics.  Results from these studies could be useful to improve plants adaptability to climate change and have an impact on crops and industry.

In IceLab Alex will continue working in these topics as part of an interdisciplinary project combining network, high throughput data analysis and molecular biology.

Current Projects

  • Plant Stress Responses

    Alexander Vergara, Martin Rosvall

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