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We invite researchers from beyond Umeå to engage in our Stress Response Modeling at IceLab activities as visiting research fellows. We aim to foster interdisciplinary collaboration in modeling adaptive mechanisms in living systems under stress. Activities include research, seminars, workshops, conferences, and our research school.

Interested researchers can apply below to join the IceLab Excellence Center Network.

We offer an arena for realizing interdisciplinary collaborative projects on modeling adaptive mechanisms in living systems under stress. As part of the IceLab Excellence Center Network, researchers gain access to IceLab’s vibrant research network of PhDs, postdoctoral fellows, and PIs. We cover travel costs and provide accommodation in Umeå for one week to several months.

We will choose researchers based on their proposed research’s alignment with the Center’s theme, commitment to establishing long-term collaborations with center members, and willingness to participate in the Center’s activities. We aim to host diverse guest researchers representing various career stages, disciplines, and collaborative potential. We value diversity, equity, and contributing to an inclusive work and learning environment.

In order to be considered, prospective fellows must name a researcher within Umeå University or SLU that has agreed to host them and with whom there is collaborative potential. If this researcher is not affiliated with IceLab, then also name one IceLab researcher or affiliated researcher who has agreed beforehand to act as the IceLab host for the visit.

Please contact if you have any questions.

Apply any time.

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Please list home department and university you are currently affiliated with
Please list the researchers from Umeå University or SLU in Umeå who have agreed to host you during your visit. One of them should be an IceLab member or affiliated researcher - your Umeå host should contact someone ahead of time at IceLab to sponsor the visit.
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Curriculum vitae

Research Proposal (max 500 words)

Please address the questions below to motivate your research visit. Prepare your response as a separate file to be uploaded in the field directly below the list of questions.

Research plan

Which research question do you want to answer?

Which disciplines are needed to answer your question, and why?

Which mechanisms do you intend to examine, and which methods will you use?

What do you want to achieve in terms of outcomes?


Synergy potential

How does your proposed research align with Stress Response Modeling at IceLab's research theme of investigating adaptive mechanisms in living systems under stress?

What do you hope to get from IceLab and its community?

What will you contribute to IceLab and its community?

Which partners do you already have at Umeå University or SLU Umeå? Or with whom do you want to work?

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Please upload your research proposal, addressing the questions in the text above, in PDF form.
How long would you like to stay in IceLab?
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Your application will be read and acknowledged by the IceLab coordinator, Gabrielle Beans, within a week after your application. If you do not receive an acknowledgement within one week, contact Gabrielle directly to enquire.

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