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We like a flat, non-hierarchical, open working environment where everyone’s opinions are valued and welcomed.  Drop in to IceLab to chat over fika any time!

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Åke Brännström
Åke BrännströmProfessor
Exploring eco-evolutionary processes with mathematics.
Mehdi Cherif
Mehdi CherifSenior Lecturer
Ecosystem and Community Ecology.
Sebastian Diehl
Sebastian DiehlProfessor of Ecology
Ecological Dynamics. Takes pleasure in finding things out about the real world and the models we make of it.
Maria Fällman
Maria FällmanAffiliate Professor
Bacterial adaptation mechanisms.
Loves the feeling of being on the road.
Eric Libby
Eric LibbySenior Lecturer
Major transitions in evolution.
Keen on charismatic microfauna.
Ludvig Lizana
Ludvig LizanaSenior Lecturer
Deciphering the life of a cell with physics. Loves crafting new ideas.
Joacim Rocklöv
Joacim RocklövAffiliate Professor
Bridging epidemiological modelling and public policy.
Martin Rosvall
Martin RosvallProfessor of Physics
Network Science.
Cries over melting snow.
Martin Holmberg
Martin HolmbergAffiliated Researcher
Mapping the spread of influenza in Sweden.
Believes in the power of transdisciplinary science.
Negar Nahali
Negar NahaliPostdoctoral Fellow
Modelling cellular life with polymers. Loves nature and animals.
Magnus Neuman
Magnus NeumanAffiliated Researcher
Network theory applied to epidemiology and ecology.
Alexis Rojas-Briceno
Alexis Rojas-BricenoPostdoctoral Fellow
Understanding the biosedimentary record using networks
Jelena Smiljanić
Jelena SmiljanićPostdoctoral Fellow
Network Science. Likes books, movies and theater.
Francisco Vasconcelos
Francisco VasconcelosPostdoctoral Fellow
Aquatic ecosystem dynamics.
Enjoys a life mixed with games, nature, music and science.
Matilda Rentoft
Matilda RentoftSenior Research Engineer
Plant stress tolerance. Believes color in your life helps keep you happy.
Viktor Jonsson
Viktor JonssonResearch Engineer
Using networks to decipher plant stress. Loves exploring new ideas.
Gabrielle Beans
Gabrielle BeansResearch Engineer
Likes the fuzzy edges of science.
Rebecka Andersson
Rebecka AnderssonPhD Student
Origin of Eukaryotic Endosymbiosis.
Enjoys occasional swingouts on the dance floor.
Dolores Bernenko
Dolores BernenkoPhD Student
Network science to see the DNA in 3D.
Enjoys visual art captured in cities and nature.
Christopher Blöcker
Christopher BlöckerPhD Student
Network Science and Autonomous Systems.
Into Haskell and Dancing.
Daniel Edler
Daniel Edler PhD Student
Network science and visualizations. Believes a user interface is like a joke. If you have to explain it, it’s not that good.
Anton Eriksson
Anton ErikssonPhD Student
Network science and visualizations.
Enjoys infinite random walks on the beach.
Hugo Harlin
Hugo HarlinPhD Student
Modelling phytoplankton dynamics using partial differential equations.
Loves fly fishing and cats.
Lucas Hedström
Lucas HedströmPhD Student
Modeling the DNA in the cell.
Lives for food, drink and music.
Hanna Isaksson
Hanna IsakssonPhD Student
Evolution of multicellularity & Life Cycles.
Loves learning new things.

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