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We like a flat, non-hierarchical, open working environment where everyone’s opinions are valued and welcomed.  Drop in to IceLab to chat over fika any time!

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Kemal Avican
Kemal AvicanAffiliate Researcher
Generation and analysis of big data to decode bacterial side of host-pathogen interplay. Passionate about visual arts.
Magnus Andersson
Magnus AnderssonAffiliate Associate Professor
Biophysics and Biophotonics.
Åke Brännström
Åke BrännströmProfessor
Exploring eco-evolutionary processes with mathematics.
Laura Carroll
Laura CarrollAffiliate Assistant Professor
Fighting bacterial pathogens using bioinformatics. Food, wine, and cat enthusiast.
Felipe Cava
Felipe CavaAffiliate Associate Professor
Fascinated by the microbial world. Traveling is my adrenaline.
Sebastian Diehl
Sebastian DiehlProfessor of Ecology
Ecological Dynamics. Takes pleasure in finding things out about the real world and the models we make of it.
Maria E. Eriksson
Maria E. ErikssonAffiliate Associate Professor
How timing affects growth in plants.
Nature lover, botanist and florist.
Maria Fällman
Maria FällmanAffiliate Professor
Bacterial adaptation mechanisms.
Loves the feeling of being on the road.
Johan Henriksson
Johan HenrikssonAffiliate Group Leader
Understanding biology by developing new technology.
Dancer and tinkerer.
Nicholas Kamenos
Nicholas KamenosAffiliate Professor
Climate change and marine ecosystems
Jan Karlsson
Jan KarlssonAffiliate Professor
Exploring the function of inland water networks.
Eric Libby
Eric LibbyAssociate Professor
Major transitions in evolution.
Keen on charismatic microfauna.
Peter Lind
Peter LindAffiliate Assistant Professor
Predicting experimental evolution.
Be wrong often or your ideas are not bold enough.
Ludvig Lizana
Ludvig LizanaAssociate Professor
Deciphering the life of a cell with physics. Loves crafting new ideas.
Fredrik Ohlsson
Fredrik OhlssonAffiliate Associate Professor
Uncovering biological mechanisms using symmetry and geometry.

Joacim Rocklöv
Joacim RocklövAffiliate Professor
Bridging epidemiological modelling and public policy.
Martin Rosvall
Martin RosvallProfessor of Physics
Network Science.
Cries over melting snow.
Åsa Strand
Åsa StrandAffiliate Professor
Regulation and control of cellular energy metabolism.
Nathaniel Street
Nathaniel StreetAffiliate Assistant Professor
Linking genome variation to phenotype in forest trees.
Stéphane Verger
Stéphane VergerAffiliate Associate Professor
Cell adhesion and mechanical signaling during plant development.
Likes tinkering with technology and enjoying nature.
Jun Yu
Jun YuAffiliate Professor
“Nothing puzzles me more than time and space; and yet nothing troubles me less, as I never think about them.” – (Charles Lamb)
Adriano Bonforti
Adriano BonfortiPostdoctoral Fellow
Disruption of symbiosis in tropical corals and other organisms.
Weird jokes as a way of life.
Daniel Edler
Daniel Edler Postdoctoral Researcher
Network science and visualizations. Believes a user interface is like a joke. If you have to explain it, it’s not that good.
Juhee Lee
Juhee LeePostdoctoral Fellow
Modelling arctic soil networks. Likes to associate unrelated thoughts.
Bertold Mariën
Bertold MariënPostdoctoral Fellow
Circadian rhythms in plant gene expression. Let’s go exploring!
Lucas Santana Souza
Lucas Santana SouzaPostdoctoral Fellow
Using models and simulations to study the social evolution of microbes, viruses, and endosymbiosis.
Jelena Smiljanić
Jelena SmiljanićPostdoctoral Fellow
Network Science. Likes books, movies and theater.
Josephine Solowiej-Wedderburn
Josephine Solowiej-WedderburnPostdoctoral Fellow
Environmental influence on the basic building blocks of life. Takes joy in the little things.
Saqib Qamar
Saqib QamarPostdoctoral Fellow
Computer Vision helps to understand the visual world deeply. Honest and simple and believes in loving life.
Gabrielle Beans
Gabrielle BeansSenior Research Engineer
Likes the fuzzy edges of science.
Martin Holmberg
Martin HolmbergAffiliated Researcher
Mapping the spread of influenza in Sweden.
Believes in the power of transdisciplinary science.
Anton Holmgren
Anton HolmgrenSenior Research Engineer
Networks and visualizations.
Enjoys infinite higher-order walks on the beach.
Magnus Neuman
Magnus NeumanAffiliated Researcher
Network theory applied to epidemiology and ecology.
Alexander Vergara
Alexander VergaraSenior Research Engineer
Network Biology and plant responses to stress. Loves football, retro video games and enjoys nature.
Rebecka Andersson
Rebecka AnderssonPhD Student
Origin of Eukaryotic Endosymbiosis.
Enjoys occasional swingouts on the dance floor.
Aswin Gopakumar
Aswin GopakumarPhD Student
Modelling ecosystem function relationships. Loves going on long walks with music and/or people.
Hugo Harlin
Hugo HarlinPhD Student
Modelling phytoplankton dynamics using partial differential equations.
Loves fly fishing and cats.
Lucas Hedström
Lucas HedströmPhD Student
Modeling the DNA in the cell.
Lives for food, drink and music.
Hanna Isaksson
Hanna IsakssonPhD Student
Evolution of multicellularity & Life Cycles.
Loves learning new things.
Maja Lindström
Maja LindströmIndustrial PhD Student
Network science.
Hooked on football, surfing, and cross-country skiing.
Moa Lundkvist
Moa LundkvistPhD Student
Understanding epigenetics through modelling and bioinformatics.
Stories are everything.

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