Get in touch

Opportunities to connect with IceLab are abundant.  From just dropping by for a chat to joining the group full time, there’s a level of involvement that will suit you.

  • Listen in at the Lunch Pitches and other IceLab activities

  • Join the book club or take part in Friday Fika

  • Give a lunch pitch, a dataset talk, a research jam, or other collaborative seminar activity

  • Propose a whole new seasonal, collaborative activity

  • Join the IceLab as a student or researcher

For questions about IceLab, its members, research or activities, please contact either the specific researcher you are interested in, or reach out to the head of IceLab Martin Rosvall, or IceLab’s coordinator and communicator Gabrielle Beans.

Find out more about ways to collaborate with IceLab

See how where our interests might align.


IceLab scientists and collaborators are interested in a multitude of intersecting questions and ideas.  From community detection in networks to the origins of life and beyond, our research is diverse and ever expanding in breadth.  Get a sense of some of the projects under way in IceLab on our Research page.

Collaboration Experiments

We want to infect everyone we meet with the desire to break out of their own research boundaries.  To that end, we continually design and experiment with different types of events to promote collaborative science.