Aswin Gopakumar

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PhD Student.

Studying biodiversity and ecosystem function relationships using mathematical models. Loves going on long walks with music and/or people.

In pursuit of his love for mathematics, Aswin did his MS in Mathematics from IISER Thiruvananthapuram in India. His interests in evolutionary ecology and application of mathematical knowledge to the real world led him to start his PhD with Åke Brännström in the Department of Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics and with Sebastian Diehl as his co-supervisor wherein he studies the relationship between biodiversity and functioning of the ecosystem in evolved, spatially heterogeneous communities. Mathematical modelling can provide insight on their relationships, which would otherwise be difficult to obtain, as experimental studies have been limited to small spatial scales and artificially maintained communities.

In his spare time, Aswin loves going on long walks or bike rides either with music and/or people.

Current Projects

  • Biodiversity-ecosystem function relationships in evolved spatially structured communities.

    Åke Brännström, Sebastian Diehl

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