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PhD Student.

Understanding multicellularity through mathematics. Enjoys getting lost with challenging problems.

The complex and dynamic nature of biological systems always stimulated me and I am particularly drawn to interdisciplinary working areas where mathematics and biology intertwine. Currently, at IceLab-Umeå University, I am studying on evolution of multicellularity. My background in applied mathematics guides me as I delve into the evolution of multicellularity, and I’m driven to unravel complex developmental processes through my mathematical expertise.
I received my MSc degree in Mathematics from Izmir Institute of Technology. During my master’s degree, I studied ordinary and partial differential equations and their numerical solutions. I investigated the solution properties of physical and chemical problems as I implemented numerical algorithms to solve and/or simulate them.
Beyond the academic realm, I am from Izmir and I enjoy watching art house cinema, listening to timeless tunes, and spending time in nature through hiking and camping.

Current Projects

  • The evolutionary origins of developmental programs

    Defne Plätturk, Eric Libby

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