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PhD Student.

Network science to see the DNA in 3D. Enjoys visual art captured in cities and nature.

Dolores Bernenko started her Ph.D. at Umeå University, at first, in the surface science laboratory, working with lasers, optics and electron-photon interactions (2017 – 2019). Now she has moved to network science, working in the group of Ludvig Lizana, studying how the long molecule of DNA is folded but not tangled in the tiny space of the nucleus and how the genome’s 3D structure facilitates gene regulations.

Before her Ph.D.  studies, Dolores studied chemical engineering in Russia (2002 – 2007), afterwards worked as a computer graphic artist and a laboratory chemist (2007 – 2015), and then came back to academia to get a European Master’s degree in “Advanced Spectroscopy in Chemistry” (Lille I University, France, and Jagiellonian University, Poland, 2015-2017).

Dolores stays connected with art through photography as a hobby, enjoys views of landscapes and cities, and time spent with friends and family.

Current Projects

  • Network Science to see DNA in 3D

    Ludvig Lizana (IceLab)

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