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Affiliate Associate Professor

Uncovering biological mechanisms using symmetry and geometry.

The scope of conceivable mechanisms governing dynamics at different levels of the biophysical hierarchy is vast. Narrowing it down to biophysically sound mathematical models not only improves the ability to make quantitative predictions but also promotes qualitative understanding of biological systems and organisms. Fredrik Ohlsson’s research is concerned with the way symmetries can be used as a tool in mechanistic model construction and analysis and how geometric structures in general can contribute to mathematical modelling in biology.

Fredrik has a background in mathematical physics with a degree in elementary particle theory from Chalmers University of Technology where he studied the role of geometry in the modelling of particle physics and string theory. After working with applied mathematics research at the Swedish research institute RISE, Fredrik returned to academia with the goal to apply his physics-infused geometrical approach to mathematical modelling to the fascinating and challenging problem of understand living systems.

Current Projects

  • Mechanistic model construction using symmetries

    with Ruth Baker (University of Oxford), Johannes Borgqvist (University of Oxford)

  • Expulsion events as drivers of evolution in endosymbiotic systems

    with Nicholas Kamenos (IceLab), Adriano Bonforti (IceLab), Eric Libby (IceLab)

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