Hanna Isaksson

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PhD Student.

Evolution of multicellularity & life cycles.

Loves learning new things.

Hanna joins us at IceLab after completing her masters degree in engineering physics and electrical engineering with a specialisation in computational methods and physics from Luleå University of Technology. Wanting to apply her quantitative skills to her long-time interest in biology, she has started a PhD with Eric Libby modeling the evolutionary origins of multicellularity. Multicellularity is considered to be one of the major transitions in evolution and her project will focus on exploring the evolution of life cycles and how they may lead to complex multicellular life.

In her spare time Hanna enjoys doing a bunch of different things, including bird-watching, playing piano and organ, and outdoor activities (running, cross-country skiing, or simply taking a walk in the forest).

Current Projects

  • The evolutionary origins of multicellularity.

    Hanna Isaksson (IceLab) and Eric Libby (IceLab).

The Latest Posts

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