Henrik Sjödin

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Affiliate Researcher

Ecology, evolution and infectious disease

With a background in ecology and mathematics, Henrik Sjödin explores questions in the interface of ecology, evolution, and epidemiology, with a focus on how ecological and evolutionary principles and processes together with other drivers govern environmentally sensitive infectious disease transmission and outbreak risk.

During his doctoral studies, Henrik explored local-scale spatial processes in ecological community dynamics with a focus on predator-prey dynamics, and how deterministic principles arise from individual based stochastic processes. During his postdoctoral studies he worked in Austria investigating the evolution on cooperation through self-organization in group-structured communities, and at Lund University where he studied species and community adaptation in changing environments and how strategy specialization and the cost of generalization can steer outcomes in niche evolution. Since 2019 he is a researcher at the public health department at Umeå University where he is doing research in infectious disease ecology and epidemiology. He is a guest researcher at Heidelberg University in Germany. He is engaged in and coordinates several international research collaborations.

Current Projects

  • IDAlert: Infectious Disease decision-support tools and Alert systems

    Henrik Sjödin, Joacim Rocklöv, and others


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