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Affiliate Professor

Bridging epidemiological modelling and public policy.

Joacim Rocklöv is a Professor of epidemiology and public health at Umeå University’s Department of Public Health and Clinical Medicine and an Icelab Affiliate.

Professor Rocklöv is engaged in research in the nexus of global health, environmental epidemiology and infectious disease ecology. His lab is focusing on understanding disease dynamics by applying advanced mathematical, statistical and data science methods. Part of the research is focusing on developing predictive models for the purpose of early warning and response systems with public health users, and estimating future health impacts of disease threats, for example, in relation to climate and environmental change.

Current Projects

  • Modelling Strategies for Long-Term Suppression of COVID-19 in Sweden

    Collaborators: Åke Brännström (Icelab), Martin Rosvall (Icelab), Anders F Johansson, Kenneth Bodin, Annelies Wilder-Smith, Henrik Sjödin

  • Lancet Countdown on climate change and health 2030,

  • Climate Change, Human Mobility and Emerging Arbovirus Outbreaks: New Models for Risk Characterization,

    Resilience and Prevention (ARBO-PREVENT), FORMAS

    Collaborators: Åke Brännström (Icelab), Henrik Sjödin, Sewe Maquines, Yesim Tozan (NYU), Angel Munoz (IRI)

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