Juhee Lee

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Postdoctoral Fellow.

Modelling arctic soil networks. Likes to associate unrelated thoughts.

I joined IceLab in 2023 and am working with Ludvig Lizana and Jonathan Klaminder. We are modeling the arctic soil-pore network and its association with material flow.

I received my Ph.D. in the computational many-body physics group at Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, where I studied statistical physics on quantum systems. However, after graduating, I was keen to work on problems that are more relevant to our daily lives. I joined the statistical physics on ecology and evolutionary dynamics group at the Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics (which later moved to Inha University) and studied the evolution of microbiomes under artificial collective selection. I am currently interested in studying how microbiomes and environments cooperate during evolution, and developing methods to describe problems that have different timescales in dynamics. Additionally, I am fascinated by the application of quantum mechanics methodologies in a wide range of research areas.

Current Projects

  • Arctic soil pore networks (Kempe Foundation)

    with Jonatan Klaminder and Ludvig Lizana

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