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Postdoctoral Fellow.

Resolving microbial genomes in complex communities at the single-cell level.

Loves nature’s sounds of serenity and enjoys the little things in life!

Jyoti is a postdoctoral researcher in the Department of Clinical Microbiology and IceLab at Umeå University. She will work on developing a high-throughput method, which can reconstruct whole microbial genomes from microbiome samples at the single-cell level under the supervision of Laura Carroll, Johan Henriksson, and Nicklas Strömberg.

Jyoti is an experienced microbiologist having worked in the field of antimicrobial resistance in human commensals and enteric pathogens during her doctoral research. Furthermore, she was involved in the investigational study for the determination of microbial community in the vaginal microbiome of pregnant Indian women. Before joining Umeå University, she was a Research Scientist at Functional Genomics Laboratory, Translational Health Science and Technology Institute, India. Her research goal was to establish proof of principle for microbiome based interventions in Inflammatory bowel disease and Preterm birth.

Now at IceLab, Jyoti is thrilled to explore the oral microbiome in case of chronic oral infections at the single-cell level. In addition to her passion for microbes, she enjoys traveling to new locations, exploring the beauty of nature and grooving to music.

Current Projects

  • Resolving microbial genomes in complex communities at the single-cell level (Kempestiftelserna)

    with Laura Carroll, Department of Clinical Microbiology, MIMS; Johan Henriksson, Department of Molecular Biology, MIMS; Nicklas Strömberg, Department of Odontology

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