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Postdoctoral Fellow.

Bacterial cell wall systems biology. 

Lourdes is currently a postdoctoral researcher in IceLab and the Department of Molecular Biology, at Umeå University. Joining the team in 2023, she works under the supervision of Felipe Cava, in collaboration with Eric Libby and Nathaniel Street.  

Her primary research revolves around innovative antimicrobial strategies to combat multidrug-resistant bacterial pathogens. Specifically, she focuses on exploring the intricate variations of cell wall biogenesis and its regulation in bacteria. This comprehensive work involves developing new players and characterizing their function and interplay, using mathematical analysis and computational modeling. 

She completed her PhD focused on Systems Biology at the Department of Microbiology and Parasitology, at University of Seville. During her doctoral studies, her research centered on advancing the understanding of metabolic adaptation in halophilic bacteria to produce compounds of biotechnological and biomedical interest. In particular, she specialized in modeling metabolic networks and leveraging high-throughput omics data to gain insights into biological systems.  

Beyond her scientific pursuits, Lourdes loves music, nature, and literature. She is interested in continuous learning, which also leads her to explore new hobbies and activities, often relishing the shared experience with others. 

Current Projects

  • Bacterial Cell Wall Systems Biology (Kempe Foundation)

    Felipe Cava (Associate Professor in Infection Biology, Department of Molecular Biology), Nathaniel Street (Associate Professor, Department of Plant Physiology), Eric Libby (Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics, IceLab member, Umeå University)

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