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Industrial PhD student.

Network science. Hooked on football, surfing, and cross-country skiing.

Maja received her master’s degree in engineering physics and her bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Umeå University. In 2021, she finished her studies and ended up in Stockholm as a consultant working with treasury management systems. But the call of the North was strong, and in 2023, she decided to pack her bags and return to Umeå for an exciting PhD position at IceLab and Sift Lab. She is working on the project “Explainable link prediction using Bayesian inference for sustainable retail” together with Martin Rosvall and Tommy Löfstedt. She is also part of WASP, the Wallenberg A.I., Autonomous Systems, and Software graduate program.

During the summers, Maja enjoys playing football, running, and surfing along the coast of Norrland. When the snow falls, you will see her cross-country skiing in the woods close to the University. And not to forget, her favorite football team is FC Barcelona.

Current Projects

  • Explainable link prediction using Bayesian inference for sustainable retail

    Maja Lindström, Tommy Löfstedt, Martin Rosvall

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