Maria E. Eriksson

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Affiliate Associate Professor

I research what makes plants tick, and how inner daily and seasonal timing affects growth. Nature lover, botanist and florist

My work is centred on understanding plant growth, and in particular how inner timing mechanism(s) sets the limits for and helps adapt growth to local time and conditions. We use both the model plant thale cress (Arabidopsis) and trees, to experimentally investigate these aspects. Recently we have started exploring our experimental data to model tree growth, aiming to add knowledge to the time-aspect of growth and aiding future applications in the emerging field ‘Chronoculture’ for trees i.e. ‘Chronosilviculture’.

On a personal note, growing up in the middle of the Swedish forest I learnt early to track down ‘hard-to-find’ plants and animals, something I practise and love doing when possible. (The fantastic, living fossil, the Northern Birch mouse may be next!)

Current Projects

  • Statistical Learning for Chronosilviculture (Kempe Foundation)

    Maria Ericsson, Jun Yu, Bertold Mariën

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