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Affiliate Professor.

Climate change and marine ecosystems.

Nick moved to Sweden in 2022 from the UK and is a Professor of Marine Ecosystem Science in EMG and Director of the Umeå Marine Sciences Centre. Nick’s research group (the Marine Global Change Group) asks questions about how the oceans are altered by the synergy between natural and anthropogenic change while trying to better determine the actual extent of marine global change. His group investigate the relationships between global change (e.g. climate variability, ocean acidification & multiple stressors), sediments and ecosystem engineers (e.g. macroalgae, coralline algae, corals and seagrass) along with the services they provide. Nick’s research is strongly multidisciplinary, currently thinking about the land-sea continuum, global change and both tropical and Arctic marine ecosystems.

Current Projects

  • Expulsion events as drivers of evolution in endosymbiotic systems (Kempe)

    with Fredrik Ohlsson (IceLab), Adriano Bonforti (IceLab), Eric Libby (IceLab)

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