Master’s Student.

Computational Physics.  I like my steak the same as my correctly simulated trees, rare…

Nikanor Öhman has studied for a master of science in engineering physics since the fall of 2013. The direction of his studies has been towards computational physics and it is in this field he is doing his master thesis in IceLab.

Nikanor was born in Skellefteå and has lived between Umeå and Skellefteå for the greater part of his life.  He went to high school in Skellefteå studying nature science and after a few years of work started his studies at the university.

For his master’s thesis Nikanor is simulating laser coordinate data. This is done in collaboration with the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU). The laser coordinate data treats the reflection against trees and can be used to scan vast forest areas for tree information. The hope is that the simulation of such data can be used for easier development of the methods that interprets the data.

Nikanor lives with his girlfriend and her cat at the student living area Ålidhem in Umeå. If he does not hang out with his girlfriend or friends he likes to play video games.