Olena Kostylenko

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Postdoctoral Fellow.

Applied Mathematics. Loves travel, music and movies.

Olena is a postdoc at Icelab and the Department of Public Health and Clinical Medicine. 

Graduated from Sumy State University (Ukraine) with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Applied Mathematics. She then moved to Portugal to do a PhD in Applied Mathematics at the University of Aveiro in the joint Doctoral Programme in Applied Mathematics between Universities of Aveiro, Minho and Porto (MAP-PDMA).

Her main project at IceLab aims at the modelling of COVID-19 dynamics.This project aspires to generate new insights of underlying mechanisms, patterns of transmission of COVID-19 through epidemiological modelling to identify suppression strategies that can be sustained over a long time without harmful effects to the economy.

Current Projects

  • Modelling of COVID-19 dynamics. Modelling strategies for long-term suppression of COVID-19 in Sweden (Kempe Foundation).

    Joacim Rocklöv, Martin Rosvall

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