Seong-Gyu Yang

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Postdoctoral Fellow.

Understanding complex systems with statistical physics methodology.

It will all work out somehow.

Seong-Gyu received his Ph.D. in statistical physics from Sungkyunkwan University, South Korea. His research interests are broad. He studied collective behaviors in physical, biological, and social systems during his Ph.D. After graduation, he started his career as a postdoc at the Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics. He studied ecological models using statistical physics methods. Later, at the Korea Institute for Advanced Study, he focused on studying network structures and random graph ensembles.

Currently, he is studying aging and epigenetic clocks using his statistical physics tools with Ludvig Lizana. DNA methylation can be described with stochastic models, and methylation profiles in DNA are related to CpG cluster size. By describing the methylation dynamics in different CpG clusters, he aims to understand biological aging and the epigenetic clock.

Current Projects

  • Aging and Epigenetic clock

    with Ludvig Lizana, Antón Carcedo Martínez

  • Multi-state searcher in DNA

    with Lucas Hedström, Ludvig Lizana

  • Comparing two random graph ensembles

    with Sudo Yi (Korea Institute for Advanced Study, Seoul, S.Korea), Deok-Sun Lee (Korea Institute for Advanced Study, Seoul, S.Korea)

  • Ecological model with cross-feeding

    with Emil Mallmin (MPI, Plön, Germany), Hye Jin Park (Inha University, Incheon, S.Korea), Deok-Sun Lee (Korea Institute for Advanced Study, Seoul, S.Korea)

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