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Postdoctoral Fellow.

Consumer-resource interactions.

Wojciech Uszko studies various aspects of consumer−resource interactions in pelagic plankton communities. Originally an empirical limnologist, Wojciech moved towards using theoretical models which he develops and analyzes to better understand how temperature and nutrient enrichment affect food web dynamics. His current research interests focus on how the process of predator feeding on prey (i.e. functional response) can be best estimated from empirical data, and how the nutrient composition of prey structures energy flow in food webs.

Wojciech grew up near the Carpathians in southern Poland. During his Bachelor and Master studies at University of Warsaw, he spent long hours in the lab trying to find out how plankton animals react to fish predation risk depending on their own population density. Before moving to Sweden in 2010, Wojciech spent one year at the beautiful shores of Lake Maggiore in Italy where he worked as a trainee at Joint Research Centre of European Commission, comparing different water quality assessment methods used by EU member states. After obtaining his PhD degree in ecology at the Department of Ecology and Environmental Science at Umeå University in 2016, Wojciech started to work at IceLab as a postdoctoral fellow.

Wojciech likes to spent his free time outdoors, preferably cross-country skiing or cycling. His other favorite activities include painting watercolor landscapes and devouring thick space opera books. Furthermore, he thinks that broccoli is better than beef.

Current Projects

  • Fitting temperature-dependent functional responses: recommendations for parameter identification.

    Wojciech Uszko (Icelab), Jonas Wickman (Icelab), Sebastian Diehl (Icelab)

  • Producer stoichiometry as a structuring force for energy flow through food webs.

    Wojciech Uszko (IceLab), Sebastian Diehl (IceLab)

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