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Postdoctoral Fellow.

Theoretical ecologist working on sustainable multi-trophic farming system.

Love being active out in nature and daydreaming about existence, consciousness, and life.

I joined IceLab and the Umeå Plant Science Centre as a multidisciplinary postdoctoral fellowship on the project of modeling ecological sustainability and economic viability of multi-trophic circular farming. Under the supervision of Olivier Keech, Sebastian Diehl, and Jonas Westin, I will develop a model system of a multi-trophic, circular food production system that converts low-grade waste energy into high-quality fresh produce with a minimum of additional external inputs.

I received my Ph.D. in the theoretical ecology group at the Department of Biology of Lund University, Sweden. My thesis focuses on enhancing comprehension of community diversity patterns by employing theoretical models that are capable of generating community diversity patterns on local and regional spatial scales, including commonly used diversity metrics such as species, trait, and phylogenetic diversity. These models incorporate eco-evolutionary dynamics encompassing competition, predation, dispersal, environmental gradients, and adaptive radiation.

The new project at IceLab provides an opportunity for me to continue exploring eco-evo dynamics from a different angle. Specifically, I am excited to explore the intriguing research questions at the intersection of ecology, economics, and sustainability.

I love nature, adventures, psychology, and philosophy. Science has been my dearest partner on the journey of resolving fundamental questions about life and connecting with nature and self.

Current Projects

  • Modeling ecological sustainability and economic viablity of multi-trophic circular farming (Kempe Foundation)

    with Olivier Keech, Sebastian Diehl, and Jonas Westin

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