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IceLab and Medical Faculty AI Hackathon

Turning the hype of machine learning-powered precision medicine into actual science calls for collaboration between life-science researchers and data scientists.

Since 2021 IceLab and the Medical Faculty at Umeå University have held joint AI Hackathons.

The IceLab AI Medicine Hackathon’s has three stages – first, a pitch event to help ignite collaboration between researchers in life science and medicine with AI researchers or data scientists that would otherwise not meet. The second stage aims to transform interdisciplinary sparks into feasible project plans with proof of concepts for ground-breaking interdisciplinary research by offering new project teams several days at a location away from Umeå in which to work together on creating a grant proposal. In the third stage, those teams take their proposals and go on to seek funding – thus taking half an idea to a fully realized, funded collaborative project.

2023 AI Hackathon Dates

Pitch Event: February 2nd

Deadline for applying to the Hackathon retreat at Lövångergården: February 9th

Hackathon at Lövångergården: February 22nd-24th

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