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Hive Talk

A Hive Talk gives you the chance to sketch out an unfinished but developed idea. It should not be finished work. It should not be something you have never thought about. It needs to be somewhere in the middle where you have thought about it but not yet fully worked on.   Think part hobby, part thesis. The idea should be something that you would be interested in exploring scientifically and possibly publishing. Thus, it should not be so “out there” that it cannot be publishable science but it should also not be so integrated in your everyday work that you are the only one who can work on it.  A very informal environment contributes to an open, easy chat about research directions with IceLabbers and visitors.

  • Minimal preparation – None on the part of the audience and ~30 minutes for the speaker.

  • Whiteboard – No slides. Just a white board so as to keep everything open and free to explore.

  • Open & Accessible – The point is to develop new collaborations and brainstorm an idea. Everyone should feel free to interpret the idea and suggest interesting directions. The idea should be presented in such a way that someone outside the field but scientifically literate can grasp it and make contributions.

  • Where – Within IceLab’s open meeting area

  • When – A Hive Talk will occur over a set time during the Hive Talk Season. Next season: Fall 2018.

  • Short – The presentation of the idea should take 5-15 minutes with discussion and questions bringing the total time to somewhere between 30 minutes to an hour.

If you’d like to join in on a Hive Talk, either to listen and chat or to present an idea and chat, get in touch with Gabrielle Beans to register your interest.

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