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Take the opportunity to elaborate on your multidisciplinary research idea in a creative setting

IceLab and the Medical Faculty invite you to take the spark of a collaborative research idea and turn it into a concrete research proposal in a stimulating setting.


The IceLab AI Medicine Hackathon’s first stage, the AI Hackathon Pitch Event February 2nd,  helped ignite collaboration between researchers in life science and medicine with AI researchers or data scientists that would otherwise not meet. The second stage now aims to transform interdisciplinary sparks into feasible project plans with proof of concepts for ground-breaking interdisciplinary research.

Do you have an idea for a data-driven research project? Have you initiated a promising conversation and possible new research collaboration between AI or data science and life sciences? Are you creative and open-minded? We welcome you and your new team to join us.

Even if you did not participate at the pitch event on February 2nd, you are invited to apply to participate at the Hackathon in Lövångergården. We welcome all multidisciplinary research ideas including life science, data science and AI researchers! It is advantageous, but not a requirement, if you already have data available that can be explored during the camp. You also do not have to have a “formal” project team yet, as long as you have complementing representatives from both areas that are interested in developing a solution to a research question together. The AI Hackathon Retreat will help you take the next step.




Not sure you can spend the night at Lövångergården? You can take your own car and drive yourself back after the day’s activities are done and then return in the morning.


Participants work in their newly-formed multidisciplinary teams to develop a research project and prepare a proposal outline.  On the last day, we review each team’s proposal outline and provide constructive feedback.

Your team will then be ready to flesh out the proposal on your own time, and submit it to any granting agency of your choosing.



AI Hackathon at Lövångergården is fully funded to cover accommodation, meals, and travel from Umeå to Lövånger for 3-4 teams, up to approximately 15 researchers in total.


Send questions to Martin Rosvall


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