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IceLab Day

November 9, 8,30-16,30

Västerbottens Museum

Welcome to the annual meeting for Icelabbers to get caught up with each other and to work together on improving IceLab for the next year! Fikas, lunch and an extra activity are included.
Preliminary program (times are subject to change):
8,30 – 9,45 Personal Pitches

Short introductions to up to fifteen Icelabbers, giving a more personal insight to them.

Possible topics could include:

What is one (non research) thing you are good at? How did you get good at it?

What question would you research if money, computational power and ethics were not a concern?

9,45 – 10,15 Fika
10,15 – 12,30 IceLab and the new Center in 2023

Discussions in small groups on topics related both to IceLab and the new Center.

12,30 – 13,30 Lunch
13,30 – 14,30 Art and Storytelling activity in Västerbottens museum
14,30 – 15,00 Fika and group photo
15,00 – 16,00 Wrap-up group discussions and IceLab Day!
Register your interest in attending, whether you want to present or not, which discussion topics are interesting to you, and dietary preferences.


This is an internal event for IceLabbers - please complete this form only if you are part of IceLab.
This is an IceLab-internal event.

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