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IceLab Seminar with Kim Sneppen, Professor of Biocomplexity, Niels Bohr Institute, Denmark

Please join us in IceLab to listen to a talk from visiting researcher Kim Sneppen.

Title: Bacteriophage Games


The talk will discuss concepts from bacteriophages, including population control of the bacterial host, and the possibility of eliminating a host population. From the perspective of the host, I will discuss bacterial colonies as a way to limit phage phage predation. Taking the perspective of phages, I will discuss bet-hedging associated with temperate phage strategies. Finally, the talk will consider engineered phage-bacteria systems to mimic aspects of vector-borne diseases.


About Kim Sneppen:

Kim Sneppen is Professor of Physics at the Niels Bohr Institute and Director of the interdisciplinary Center for Models of Life (CMOL) at Copenhagen University, Denmark. He is active in fields ranging from microbiology and epigenetics to large-scale populations dynamics. In his 2014 ‘Models of Life’ book, Kim Sneppen described the battles between weapons, anti-weapons and anti-anti-weapons in the biological world using the examples of viruses and bacteria.

More about Kim Sneppen’s research can be found at his page on University of Copenhagen’s website.

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