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Presentation and discussion of upcoming research call enabling fundamental breakthroughs and innovative ideas

Per Lundberg (Professor in Theoretical Ecology at Lund University), Marianne Gullberg (Professor of Psycholinguistics, Chair/Director of Lund University Humanities Lab), and Jan-Åke Nilsson (Professor in Evolutionary Ecology at Lund University) from the Royal Physiographic Society of Lund will present an upcoming call intended to help researchers break new ground in basic science in all disciplines, create new theoretical foundations or practical solutions to important problems in the broad sense, or lay the foundations for methodological breakthroughs.

The work funded should try out new, more risky ideas for which there normally neither time nor money to develop and test.

The call will be open to all Swedish researchers with employment and a PhD degree.

The decisive criterion for award is originality and inventiveness in terms of theoretical and conceptual approach or methods, not primarily the applicant’s track record.

Per, Marianne and Jan-Åke are also interested in discussing and reflecting on this opportunity together with researchers in Umeå in order to collect ideas to make this future research call as attractive and beneficial as possible.

IceLab invites all interested Umeå researchers to listen to the presentation, either in person in IceLab (Mazemap) or through Zoom (Meeting ID: 697 2897 4655).


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