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Lunch Pitches with Klara Stokes and Vicenç Torra

To encourage cross pollination of ideas between researchers from different disciplines, IceLab hosts interdisciplinary research lunches with the vision of allowing ideas to meet and mate. During the Lunch Pitch Season, the creative lunches take place at KBC on a Tuesday.
Time: Tuesday 13 September at 12:00.


Pitch 1: Klara Stokes: How is a network like a curve?

Associate professor at Department of Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics, Umeå University. 


Graphs are combinatorial models of networks. Networks arise everywhere – in biology, chemistry, physics as well as in the social sciences. Recent research shows that we may apply a lot of the theory developed for analysing algebraic curves also to graphs. In this pitch I will give you some hints on how this works and open for a discussion on possible applications to the analysis of complex networks. Can we use this powerful toolbox (including differentials, special points, cohomology, etc) on complex networks such as those coming from biological or social networks?

Interested in: applications of geometry to combinatorics and the reverse: for example motions of discrete structures, embeddings of graphs on surfaces, symmetries on discrete structures, geometry over finite fields and applications to computer science.


Pitch 2: Vicenç Torra: Beyond probabilities: Non-additive measures and integrals. Why and when?

Professor at the Department of Computing Science


Probabilities are one of the fundamental tools in science and technology for building models and automating decisions. Nevertheless, human decision making is not always consistent with probabilities (e.g., Ellsberg paradox). What can we use in this case for modeling? Non-additive measures and integrals are one of the tools. They are used in economy for risk assessment, as well as in mathematics, statistics and computer science. They can represent interactions and be used to build complements of standard statistics models (Gaussian models, Mahalanobis distances).

Interested in: connecting with anyone interested in modeling interactions using probabilistic-like tools.

Vicenç Torra is professor at the Computing Science Department. He held positions at Maynooth University (Ireland), U. of Skovde, and at the Spanish Research Council (IIIA-CSIC). He has written several books including “Modeling decisions” (with Y. Narukawa, Springer, 2007) and “Data Privacy” (Springer, 2017). His fields of interests include approximate reasoning, decision making, and data privacy.


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