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Lunch Pitches with Atin Sharma and Gabrielle Beans

To encourage cross pollination of ideas between researchers from different disciplines, IceLab hosts interdisciplinary research lunches with the vision of allowing ideas to meet and mate. During the Lunch Pitch Season, the creative lunches take place at KBC on a Thursday.
Place: KBC Glasburen
Time: Thursday 8 June at 12:00.

Pitch 1: Atin Sharma: Science has a communication problem. Let’s do something about it!

Postdoctoral researcher, MIMS, Department of Molecular Ecology
The problem: We live in a world of disinformation. It is no surprise that when scientists are calling apples, the common people are calling oranges. This was particularly obvious during the pandemic. Interestingly, multiple surveys have shown that people overwhelmingly trust science and scientists to do the right thing. However, at the same time, people don’t really understand the scientific reports. Therefore, it is pertinent for us, as scientists, to convey our findings in a jargon-free and people friendly manner, without oversimplifying the message. Unfortunately, many scientists don’t have time for it or are simply not trained to do that.
What I am looking for: I have some ideas for improving science communication through easy-to-understand infographics. I am looking for scientists who have a story to tell, creative people who can help me improve on my ideas, and people who may have even better ideas!
Short bio: I am a Postdoc in MIMS and a molecular biologist by training. I am passionate about science communication and draw nerdy cartoons for Instagram (@fridgeComics).

Pitch 2: Gabrielle Beans: ForskarFredag – an outreach opportunity for anyone. 

Research Content & Event Coordinator at Curiosum and Integrated Science Lab (IceLab)

Following Atin Sharma’s pitch about science communication, I offer you another way to battle the growing disinformation and mistrust in science crisis – joining Umeå’s biggest science outreach event – ForskarFredag! 

ForskarFredag ​​is a part of the international event European Researchers Night that happens throughout the EU on the same day. ForskarFredag is coordinated nationally by Vetenskap och Allmänhet and is usually held in about thirty places across Sweden. This year it is happening between September 25th-30th. 

The main purpose of the event is to show members of the public that researchers are ordinary people with unusually exciting jobs. The visitors also get to see that you can do research on pretty much anything, and a career in research can be a very exciting option. In Umeå hundreds of people (primarily children, young people and their families) come to meet the researchers on the Friday night. You could also get loaned out to school classes – or join the science stand-up comedy night on the 30th (new date)! There is something for everyone. 

More information here: https://www.umu.se/en/news/-inbjudan-till-forskare-att-delta-i-forskarfredag_11751217/

Interested in: connecting researchers to the general public at Curiosum. 


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