2024 IceLab Multidisciplinary Postdoctoral Fellowship Project Call

If the project team has more than the two main supervisors, list additional members and affiliations here.
IceLab is home to the VR excellence center Stress Response Modeling at IceLab. With this question we aim to identify research that could be connected to the center's theme, however a connection to the theme is not required for this call. We welcome all research areas.
Please state the research areas involved in the project. Additionally, please comment on your answer regarding connection to the theme of researching living systems under stress (see question above, and please note research outside of the theme IS eligible for this call).
Describe how you plan to take part in IceLab activities in the future, or if you see potential for working with current IceLab members once you are affiliated with IceLab (you do not need to have been connected to IceLab in the past)
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Include CVs for all team members (max 3 pages each) and details of each member's role in the project

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