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IceLab once again invites researchers to share their ideas and engage in discussion with a multidisciplinary audience

What are the Lunch Pitches?

IceLab created the Lunch Pitches as a way to bridge gaps between scientific disciplines and encourage new collaborative efforts. Think of the pitches as an idea collider. You’ve been working on a project just recently, or it’s something you’ve had on the back burner but haven’t been able to get off the ground.  Take the essence of your work, slim it down to its core question and present that to a diverse, interested audience all happily munching on free sandwiches. You take 5 minutes presenting and then the rest of the lunch hour letting the ideas flow in between you and the audience in small group discussions.  The most important thing is to reach a broad audience with a question, challenge, or method that will engage as many as possible.

Who can give a Lunch Pitch?

YOU can. Pitchers in the past have been primarily researchers, with some communication and management staff presenting as well. Researchers run the range from early career PhD students through to senior Professors. A lunch pitch is a great outreach opportunity for anyone, and it can lead to new ideas or even new collaborations, while helping you see the essentials of your research question and communicate it more effectively.
The lunch pitches provide a perfect opportunity to put a project idea together with a colleague from another discipline. Several past pitchers have launched a successful collaboration, connected by a shared postdoc funded through the IceLab multidisciplinary postdoctoral program.

Visit to learn more about the pitches and read or watch past pitches.

2024 Lunch Pitch Dates

All lunch pitches in 2024 take place Wednesdays between 12-13 at KBC Glasburen unless stated otherwise. Two to three people give pitches each session.

Dates: 14-Feb, 28-Feb, 13-Mar, 27-Mar, 10-Apr, 24-Apr, 8-May, 22-May, 5-Jun, 19-Jun

Don’t want to pitch but want to come along, eat sandwiches, and engage in interesting conversations? The best way to know who is pitching when and to get the link to register to the Lunch Pitches is to join IceLab’s mailing list.

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