Lunch Pitches with Domenique André, Marcus Klaus and Olena Rzhepishevska

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Acoustics, Flowering time and  Small molecules April 2, 2019 Watch Lunch Pitches Video First Pitcher: Marcus Klaus,Postdoctor at Department of Ecology and Environmental Sciences, Umeå University Title: How acoustics can advance and communicate (aquatic) science Most humans rely on their eyes more than on their ears – and so do most [...]

Lunch Pitches with Raoul Theler, Jing Helmersson and Madelen Bodin

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Life satisfaction, science communication, and unobserved variables March 19, 2019 Watch Lunch Pitches Video First Pitcher: Raoul Theler, Visiting researcher at Umeå School of Business, Economics and Statistics (USBE) Title: How to deal with confounding unobserved variables in data The independence between instruments and individual unobserved characteristics is a traditional condition, [...]

Lunch Pitch with András Bota and Niklas Lundström

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Modelling Spreading Processes and  Optimal Management Strategies January 22, 2019 Watch Lunch Pitches Video First Pitcher: András Bota, Postdoctoral Fellow at Department of Physics, Umeå University Title: Modelling spreading processes in epidemics, economics and social networks Networks can serve as the basis of infection or diffusion processes. This is a well-studied [...]

Lunch Pitch with Christopher Blöcker and Timotheus Kampik

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Dynamic Public Transport Networks in Smart Cities and Coercion and Deception in Persuasive Technologies Watch Lunch Pitches Video Lunch Pitches is a series of short talks and discussion, held every other week,  as a way to bridge gaps between scientific disciplines and encourage new collaborative efforts. January 8, 2019 [...]