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Research Engineer.

IceLab Communications. Loves the fuzzy edges of science.

Gabrielle is a molecular ecologist turned science communicator. She is half Spanish, half American, and has degrees from Spain, Wales and New Zealand. Her PhD focused on genetics of ancient and modern Adélie penguin populations. After her PhD, she decided to direct her efforts towards delivering science more directly to the world, through environmental, educational, outreach and other communication programs. She worked at the Santa Fe Institute for several years, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, managing the Complexity Explorer platform of online complex systems science educational resources.  During that time, she pioneered new initiatives and solidified the platform’s niche, highly-ranked standing.

Gabrielle moved to Umeå in 2018 and began working with IceLab to launch a new communication effort for the research environment and help guide IceLab to new ventures. She is interested in motivating other scientists to communicate directly with the world and wants to act as a facilitator for this. Gabrielle is also working with Keith Larson of Umeå University’s Climate Impacts Research Centre (CIRC) on the Arenas for Cooperation through Citizen Science (ARCS) project as a researcher developing guides for the use of technology in citizen science projects.

Gabrielle likes light, color and contrast, so she’s naturally drawn to photography.  She loves to find simple, arresting compositions.  One of her favorite images is of a seahorse in Bali, floating above a sandy bottom.  She’s also an avid scuba diver, hiker, and general outdoors and travel enthusiast.  She’s happiest when walking in the forest with her daughter, dog and husband.

Currently on maternity leave and will be back in May 2019.

Current Projects

  • IceLab website and science communication

    Gabrielle Beans (IceLab), and all other IceLab members.

  • Arenas for Cooperation through Citizen Science

    Gabrielle Beans (IceLab), Keith Larson (CIRC), Dick Kasperowski (Göteborgs Universitet), and the rest of the team.

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