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Research Engineer.

Spatial evolutionary modeling. Listens to jazz fusion while working.

Jonas Wickman is a Research Engineer in the Department of Ecology and Environmental Science, Umeå University.

Jonas has a bachelor’s degree in physics from Uppsala University and a master’s degree in physics from Umeå University. He was a PhD student in the Department of Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics, at Umeå University in 2013-2018 and successfully defended his thesis is February 2019. Jonas is interested in how evolution through natural selection unfolds in spatially varying environments, where selection acts on the traits, e.g., body size, of organisms in different directions at different points in space.

Jonas grew up in Stockholm, Sweden, and while not at work, he likes to read, listen to music, go on walks, and follow news and politics. His current favourite thing about Icelab is the brightness of the office space at the return of the spring sun.

Current Projects

  • How geographic productivity-patterns affect food-web evolution
    Jonas Wickman (Icelab), Ulf Dieckmann (IIASA), Cang Hui (Stellenbosch University), Åke Brännström (Icelab)

  • The resource-competition conditions promoting diversity in homogeneous environments prevent greater diversity in heterogeneous environments
    Jonas Wickman (Icelab), Åke Brännström (Icelab), Sebastian Diehl (Icelab)

  • Evolution in crowding organisms
    Jonas Wickman (Icelab), Niklas Lundström (Umeå Univeristy), Åke Brännström (Icelab)

  • How species characteristics affects species extinction in the face of habitat loss?
    Haoqi Liu (Xinjiang University), Jonas Wickman (Icelab), Åke Brännström (Icelab), Cang Hui (Stellenbosch University), Ulf Dieckamnn (IIASA)

  • Fitting temperature dependent functional responses: recommendations for parameter identification
    Wojciech Uszko (Icelab), Jonas Wickman (Icelab), Sebastian Diehl (Icelab)

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