Meet Alfred Leimar

Alfred Leimar is a Master’s student working on a project with Eric Libby on microbe predation

When did you start your Master’s project?

I started working on the 14th of January 2022

What led you to do your master’s in IceLab, with Eric Libby?

Eric was my teacher in linear algebra and the ordinary differential equations course here at the university. I knew that he was engaged in projects concerning mathematical modeling so I sent him an email and voila!

What are you researching?

I am researching the evolution of predation in microbial populations.

Why is this important or interesting?

This work could help shed some light on how the endosymbiotic event that eventually led to the mitochondria likely happened.

What do you think the most interesting thing is that you have learned so far about your project, or a result from your work?

The one thing that shocked me the most is the level of sophistication of the ways different species of bacteria wage war upon one another.

Favorite part of working in IceLab?

Apart from the free coffee the collective amount of knowledge gathered in IceLab is astounding. People also are very helpful and willing to share what they know which has helped my project in so many ways!

What are you thinking of doing next?

After my master’s is completed I plan on spending the summer with my girlfriend, taking some much needed time off. Career-wise I’d like to work with either software engineering or CFD/aerodynamics.

What do you nerd out on in your personal life?

History and formula 1. Sometimes the history of formula 1.

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