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IceLab invites you to join an information meeting on the IceLab multidisciplinary postdoctoral project call on May 4th, in KBC Glasburen and through the Glasburen Zoom.
During this meeting the project selection process will be explained, and researchers interested in finding a partner to submit a project proposal with will be offered the opportunity to pitch their idea. Register early to secure a spot to pitch a project.
The deadline to submit project proposals is May 26th.

Information Session Program

  • Introduction to IceLab and model of collaboration.
  • Information on the IceLab multidisciplinary postdoctoral program.
  • Pitch Session
  • Questions

Please register your intention to attend, or pitch at, this event. A Zoom link will be made available to registered attendees. We will be in touch with those that choose to pitch with some specific information on how to put an open pitch together for this session.


There are four researchers presenting pitches at the information meeting, seeking collaborators:

In her pitch she will highlight recent work on coralline algae photosynthesis, and the outstanding questions surrounding photosynthetic variability at (sub)individual to habitat scales (they create habitats very similar to coral reefs). She is potentially interested in connecting with researchers with experience in light/optical modelling, photonics, quantum theory… but also possibly researchers interested in laboratory research on, for example, genetic changes.

Priyantha will present one of the following two tools:
1) Measuring accurately statistical dependence (applications can be genetics, e.g., gene transcript levels that vary periodically with the cell cycle, or protein interaction modelling, etc. )
2) A new model for prediction of state of a system based on past multi-model variations, e.g., prediction of the clinical state of a patient based on past ECG, heart rate, pressure, etc. variations

He is also interested in open problems and questions to help out with.

Linus has a potential idea for a postdoctoral project regarding human judgment and decision making, its neural base, which could include modelling. He is looking for researchers with modelling expertise, and more generally anyone interested in the project.
Mehdi will be presenting a research tool or approach that a collaborator might have data or an idea to apply it to.

Register below

You can attend online or in person to listen to the project call information and ask questions, but if you would like to pitch a project or discuss a pitched project we prefer you to come in person.


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