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IceLab Day 2023

Västerbottens museum Helena Elisabeths väg 3, Umeå

IceLab Day November 9, 8,30-16,30 Västerbottens Museum Welcome to the annual meeting for Icelabbers to get caught up with each other and to work together on improving IceLab for the next year! Fikas, lunch and an extra activity are included. Preliminary program (times are subject to change): 8,30 - 9,45 Personal Pitches Short introductions to [...]

IceLab Camp 2023

Gräno Beckasin Västanå 15, Granö

Be prepared for the grand challenges of the future Many grand research challenges of the future exist in the unexplored terrain between traditional disciplines. IceLab Camp will help you prepare for the multidisciplinary endeavour. Do you think your experimental research would benefit from causal understanding through mathematical modelling? Would your theoretical work profit from valuable [...]

TAIGA-IceLab Pitch Event with Martin Rosvall and Laura Bacete

MIT seminarierummet

TAIGA-IceLab Pitch Event with Martin Rosvall and Laura Bacete TAIGA's pitch events in September seek to provide a forum for researchers with ideas where AI could be involved. They aim to provide an interdisciplinary platform where you can connect with potential collaborators or find inspiration for the next step in your project. TAIGA will provide [...]