Dynamic Public Transport Networks in Smart Cities and Coercion and Deception in Persuasive Technologies

Lunch Pitches is a series of short talks and discussion, held every other week,  as a way to bridge gaps between scientific disciplines and encourage new collaborative efforts.

January 8, 2019

First Pitcher: Christopher BlöckerPhD student at Department of Physics

Smart city initiatives are emerging in several countries and one part of their vision is to improve the efficiency and user-friendliness of public transport networks. Common approaches include, e.g., smart traffic lights to give priority to buses and real-time trip planning to minimise travel times, given the current position of buses and trains. Christopher’s idea is to take this even one step further and to move away from the concept of static lines. Instead, we could re-configure lines dynamically as needed and provide relevant connections to passengers throughout the day. Can we use network science to find out what connections are needed? Would this improve efficiency?

Second Pitcher: Timotheus Kampik, PhD Student at Department of Computing Science

Technologies that shape human behaviour are of high societal relevance, both when considering their current impact and their future potential. In his presentation, Timotheus explains how complex information systems are increasingly effective in deceiving and coercing users and discusses the societal implications of such manipulative persuasive technologies.

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